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Henlo, I write software.

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My name is Abhinav (aka Adalricus). I'm a human living in India who likes writing software and learning stuff. Most of my work is shared under a copyfree license, you'll find them on my github account .


I write software for fun, most of my projects are something that I use myself or an idea that I wanted to implement.


Finir is a simple guestbook service written in Go. This is currently a work in progress, it allows users to host a guestbook on their webpage without running any code on their server.


Cortris is a simple url shortener written in Go. It stores urls in a simple sqlite3 database.


If you would like to get in touch, drop me an email at . You can also find me on various IRC networks as adalricus. I also have accounts on several social networking websites but I don't check them regularly.